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Benefit from our Experience and a Smooth Transition Project with a resource-saving Implementation

The LogObject experience in installing performance-critical service management solutions enables resource-saving implementation. A starting phase gets to know operational systematics, that produces a detail specification. This is followed by common teamwork where analysis of existing processes facilitate a common definition of all process requirements. Our software engineers develop a customised solution integrating existing IT systems in an agile development process.

Smooth Transition – Key Points

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Moderated process definition
  • Agile specification Development
  • Managed data transfers
  • ready-to-run Implementation

You determine the level of Managed Services

We implement the agreed specifications together with your IT or, if you wish, completely independently. You provide the data and system access and we provide a ready-for-release end installation. Our online project collaboration provides news on reports progress, enables quick discussions, complete documentation and effective bug reporting – directly with our engineers. Depending on requirements, we provide a turnkey solution within 4–6 months, pure standard solutions can be realised in 3–4 weeks.

Our Smooth Transition Roadmap is based on a 7-Phase Model

  • Definition of objectives> short/medium term
  • Recognising core added value and potential
  • Definition of basic processes by 80:20 principle
  • Functional prototype implementation
  • Feedback-based completion of process definition
  • Agile adaptation/expansion and acceptance tests
  • Roll-out with feedback control

Project Milestones

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