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Mobile Workflow through Automated Process Controlling


  • To structure Mobile processes
  • Individual user workflow
  • Intuitive use without training
  • Clear daily task orientation
  • Data access without reload for
    offline availability
  • One-handed operation

Maximum efficiency in supporting Mobile field force requires dynamic processing, including real-time communication with the central office to solve problems and for further planning based on dynamic, disposition decisions. A gradual introduction of role-based management smooth the implementation and lead to lasting acceptance of the new work methods.

Mobile Disposition on any Device

mLogistics® Mobile process support is based on a flexible platform solution and supports any type of devices: Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet running iOS, Android and Windows. HTTPS encrypted server communication is supplemented by a caching mechanism that enables operation without internet/GSM connection. Server-based data management of Mobile Clients allows for a low-maintenance thin Client solution and guarantees complete and redundancy-free synchronisation.

  • Optimal Mobile support by process-oriented approach
  • Colour codes and symbols make operations easier
  • No training required as supported by workflow logic
  • Dynamic menu items to display available data
  • Pull-down menu to reduce entry errors
  • Scroll-based navigation to facilitate rapid use
  • User interface specifically designed for one-handed operation
  • Available images and maps to display on-the-fly
  • Gradual introduction to Mobile features facilitates acceptance
  • Integration of various peripheral devices and functions
    • Infrared, Bluetooth, cable for printer
    • Direct calls from the application
    • Barcode scanner and RFID reader

mLogistics® Key Benefits for Mobile Efficiency

  • Full Mobile support across all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows
    • Daily overview, work stoppage
    • Planning and day-agenda
    • Working with current GPS and routing functions
    • Working with diagnostic data
    • Task management
  • Time consumption automatically detected
  • Kostenerfassung im laufenden Betrieb durch den Service-Techniker
  • Cost input by the service technician
  • Report creation within task completion, no after-work required
  • Full management transparency (SLA, KPI measurement)
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