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myABI® - the future-enabled Digitisation in Police Case Management

myABI® was developed in close cooperation with Swiss police forces and fully adapted to the requirements of the police. The solution integrates the entire range of police processing:

  • Daily journal of activities
  • Business process direction and control
  • Formular handling
  • Central information system of the police
  • Weapon licensing procedures
  • special files for investigations
  • Hotel registration check

The solution is complemented by the integration of analysis tools (IBM i2 Analyst’s notebook, IBM i2 iBridge) and data mining tools (humanIT / InfoZoom).

myABI® is the central information system for the police. It includes several modules with which the data are stored in a central database.

The following modules are available:

  • Personal processing
  • Case processing
  • Protected data (working cards)
  • Document management
  • Image processing
  • Accident handling
  • Armoury administration
  • Financial module

Extensive search mechanisms through structured search masks allow fast access to the stored information. In addition, searches are integrated via the complex research and a text search with synonyms itself is integrated into the content of documents.

myABI® can be used to call up different printouts for lists or individual data areas. The information is displayed using Microsoft Word.

Site reports can be generated via the GIS, analysis of facts and persons can be made using the IBM i2 tool analyst’s notebooks. With the integrated data mining tool Infozoom, the data can be easily examined

Optimised with a web browser user interface and Mobile front end

The web browser solution, which is designed for the desktop and laptop, saves on complex device maintenance and enables single-sign-on and LDAP authentication. A native Mobile app with embedded HTML supports offline capabilities.

Event-based workflow control at the front and at the workplace

A continuous systematic process model controls the process workflow of individual event groups. Individual configuration settings allow different levels of accuracy in execution. The integration of multimedia enables visual recording at the front with subsequent documentation at the workplace. Optionally, a structured documentation can be recorded completely at the front.

Flexible individualisation and extension through modular system for individual processes

Structured and uniform processes are ensured by uniform collection masks, which are simply created and individualised in a form configurator. Processes are created in the workflow configurator and displayed in visual diagrams. A document configurator creates personalised document templates that are automatically created and integrated in the workflow.

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