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Assistant for knowledge-based linked learning and logical thinking

In the areas of finance, customs and police work, large amounts of documents and large amounts of data (big data) must constantly be evaluated.

Many individual documents (e.g. MS Office-format, PDF files, scans, documents, photos) with data and data deliveries from third parties must be evaluated. Particularly in investigations with several participants or in investigations on the Internet, data is generated that is difficult to manage, analyze and present.

Since such amounts of data cannot be processed using conventional means, we worked with experts to develop a system tailored for such purposes to support investigators and analysts in their daily work.

The AI-based “Assistant for Knowledge-Based Linked Learning and Logical Thinking” – KLLaRA- helps you solve the above-mentioned tasks much faster and more efficiently.

Raw data from various sources can be imported and enriched with internal data (basic databases, case numbers, case management, geodatabases, crypto wallets). Special functions also enable the addition of large amounts of customer data, enabling a more objective field of view when analyzing data. If necessary, the system is also able to independently form clusters and combine them into cases. These can be written down autonomously and enriched with tables or data blocks and output. Of course, these messages can be automatically stored in our task/case database. This means they can be statistically tracked at any time. Feedback can also be added to individual tasks in order to gain future information.

Particularly in the area of ​​criminal law, KLLaRA not only supports AI-supported raw data analysis and case creation, but also evidence management and enables legally secure and meaningful statistics.

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