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Service Process customising based on an Optimised Core for Maximum Performance – end-to-end by nature as Individual Standard

In addition to the digitisation of all processes LogObject focuses on basic control by efficiency factors taking into account available properties at time of decision resources while allowing the implementation of strategic decision parameters. Thus a LogObject solution is fundamentally different from out-of-the-box solutions that do not allow for constant efficiency optimisation leading to awkward workarounds.

Compared to standard SaaS solutions, that provide only fixed additional functions, the mLogistics® engine enables a customised mapping of individual processes by using a business layer that allows for special solutions independent of the core systematic mLogistics® core meets the requirements for performance-critical solutions with dynamic processes for ongoing real-time decisions and is basically designed for customisation.

At its Core targeted for Individual Standard Adjustments

Core Functionality

The base layer is the foundation of the product portfolio. This determines the basic technology and architecture for database, user interface and interaction and integration capabilities. The programming language and basic architecture are also defined here.

Business Logic

The LogObject Layer determines the market-specific functionality for which this cutting edge product is intended. Wherever possible, specific industry needs and requirements are mapped into the product. LogObject decides on updates, together with the experience of the market-leading users of each product, to find and forge a common denominator for the further development of the product. Additionally, the configurability of the product is determined in this layer.


The Customisation Layer contains all the design features that do not qualify for inclusion in the standard solution. The standard maintenance and support agreement includes the adjustments that are necessary to maintain all Customer-specific changes at minor updates.

Modular Concept for Individual Solutions based on an Open Standard

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