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Rapid ROI from Deployment Planning and Digitisation in the Back Office

Disposition optimisation and digitisation alone provide immediate ROI, while complete end-to-end implementation creates entirely new opportunities.

Rapid ROI through Optimised Route Planning and Direct Savings in Operating Costs

Scheduling real-time data and recalculating route planning with on-the-fly information to the service technician result in immediate and comprehensible cost savings.

Using the current situation, for next job disposition after completion of an order, allows for dynamic planning while considering further Customer commitments (SLA). Thus, the dynamic disposition of the right service technician, with the appropriate service vehicle inventory will optimally meet the next urgent Customer requirements.

Logistics leads to higher first-time fix rate, requires less time per job, allowing more jobs per day and thus a higher service revenue.

New Profit Centre Opportunities through proactive service strategies and new business models

Continuous digitisation and proactive service strategies enable a complete service orientation and new service-oriented business models.

Identifying potential problems and planning ahead of service and maintenance operations through M2M learning, guarantees the Customer a continuous operational availability. At the same time, this leads to potential, flexible and predictable revenue for the service organisation and seamless capacity utilisation.

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