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End-to-End Service Process by Integration of existing systems with a strategic Three-Tier Architecture

LogObject solves end-to-end requirements in the core, by a logistics-driven business logic as a separate layer using existing data structures, thus actively controlling the operative service organisation – with a maximum degree of efficiency.

mLogistics® automates the service process chain outside of existing ERP systems, enabling optimal logistics-based decisions. Thus decisions are made strictly according to efficiency or strategic parameters, preventing fixed ERP processes to block dynamic planning. The continuous enabling of resources in real-time, based on the current situation ensure maximum efficiency and capacity utilisation. This key factor is the basis for the superior efficiency factor of the solution.

mLogistics® is strategically based on a layered architecture (3 Tier Application). The system architecture is based on a bus, into which new processes and interfaces can be easily integrated. Since all components meet current industry standards, a future-proof expandability is guaranteed.

Interface Strategy uses existing Data Structures for logistics-based Business Rules and Service Processes

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