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Planning Materials on Forecast with Just-In-Time Supply


  • Automated provisioning
  • Automated procurement
  • Current vehicle inventory
  • Various storage locations
  • Returns management

Automating Material Logistics for complete Operational Planning and Procurement

Effiziente Material-Logistik ist ein elementarer Faktor für das Service-Management. mLogistics® organisiert das komplette Spektrum der Materialverwaltung, über verschieden Lagerorte und inklusive dem Fahrzeugteile-Management.

Warehousing and material flow with service vehicle inventory disposition includes

  • Material Entry
    Unexpected reception of materials with capturing at entry or reception based on existing entry lists
  • Material Procurement
    Material procurement from defined storage locations, procurement priority by appointment or task dependency based on inventory consumption at Customer site
  • Returns Logistics
    Spare parts and material returns with barcode support and memory function
  • Material Consumption
    Inventory with stock adjustment and storage movement; detected vehicle storage or inventory managed by storage space, storage place or sub-warehouse
  • Material Replenishment
    Automated completion of vehicle stock with consideration of vehicle-specific minimum/maximum inventory requirements
  • Inventory Order
    Inventory orders of individual vehicles can be controlled individually or centrally

mLogistics® Advantages of Integrated Material Disposition

  • Optimised picking
  • Reduction of material stocks
  • Reduced search in the warehouse organisation
  • Optimisation of internal transport routes
  • Faster response time for deliveries (express, self-pickup)
  • Simplified, more structured internal workflows
  • Estimated repair time taking into account vehicle and storage-based material stock
  • Self-learning function for repair times
  • Scanning solution to build inventory database
  • Increased operational efficiency without overloading storage personnel
  • Flexible assignment of tasks with minimal training (ideal for part-time staff)
  • Exact performance figures for the entire warehousing management
  • Overall reduced operating costs (storage space, utilities)
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