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Software is only as good as the idea behind it. Less is more. However only razor-sharp precision wins.

LogObject’s mission is the realisation of
performance-critical job workflows in a holistic solution:

mLogistics® automates the service process chain outside of existing ERP systems, enabling optimal, logistics-based decisions.


LogObject AG has a strong background in logistics. The company was founded in 1998 with a clear concept: If processes are managed purely according to the principles of logistics then the result will be an optimal solution. Logistics are strongly influenced by the actual given situation plus available material. Bottom line, the later decisions can be made, the better the outcome and the efficiency of existing resources will be, both for staff and materials.


A model that realises logistics requirements based on an optimal algorithm subordinating all operational movements to continuous real-time calculation by using the technique of high-performance databases optimally and reflected in workflow-oriented surfaces. The result is a company that is not a software company but a logistically sound solution model. A model that puts everything to the test of maximum efficiency and thus wins the most demanding service organisations as Clients. The idea and its implementation wins. Software is just the product of it.


The LogObject software architecture is based on a core strategy. From the beginning we have aligned our solution to scale on an optimal algorithm based upon adapting pure logistical principles in real-time to develop a standard. This enables fast, perfectly adapted solutions for our Customers. Hence the LogObject principle differs fundamentally from other solutions that promise out-of-the-box customisations but are structurally unable to automate true end-to-end solutions.

Performance-critical Requirements as a Benchmark

The adoption of our technology in the telecom industry became a milestone in our development and a challenge for excellence. No other industry is subject to more frequent and fast changes. Flexibility and a multi-mandate enabled real-time organisation of sub-contractors are the challenge in daily service processes. Our unique market solution for complex order management is the result.

Logistical Planning at every Level

​Even small businesses with 20 service technicians benefit from our solutions. Reasonably priced, these essential functions are provided by our core system, with the guarantee of later expansion.

Moderate Growth - Client First

Our Employees are our capital. Success is created by Passion for Excellence ​– based on a can-do team spirit atmosphere, free off restrictions and conglomerate policies. New projects are addressed only if existing ones are perfect. We do not need a stock listing to fund growth. But the inspiration of new challenges.

Less is More

Our philosophy: Software is only as good as the usage is simple. Simplicity arises when processes are practical, thought through and consistently implemented. A superior disposition algorithm and a perfect just-in-time material position are only as successful as the motivation to use them allows.

4 Key-Learnings

  • Service quality is the key to market success – our Customers prove it
  • The best cloud is a private cloud – self-sufficiently integrated into existing systems
  • Automation means 100% process picture – workaround kills
  • Digitisation is simple – if everybody is integrated

Facts & Figures about LogObject AG


Founded in Zurich

160+ Employees

90% Graduates

privately held

continuous growth


Service Technicians / Task Forces


Service Dispositions / day

65 Million

Customer Base Served


end-to-end by nature

LogObject Timeline

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