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Reaching 100% Process Automation with a Pragmatic 80/20 Start

Relocation of logistics decisions into an Operations Resource Planning as the basis for the ERP is the goal – logistics controls processes and efficiency.

Starting Service Digitisation strategically and gradually

A logistics based operations management has one goal: Maximum Efficiency. Achieved through automation and related cost savings.

For service organisations, the staff and material supply are variable needs that can be optimised at various planning stages. LogObject’s experience and expertise in the implementation of performance-critical job scheduling solutions are based on an 80% instant start model, proven in complex order situations.

mLogistics® modular software architecture, with functional core functions in a core, enables a fast basic configuration – which is row based on the first practical experience – and is optimally expanded. A prototype adapted on the situation is immediately available and can be used productively with an 80% achievement within days, depending on the existing process definition.

Our successful Implementation Roadmap consists of a 7-Phase Model

  • Definition of objectives> short/medium term
  • Recognising the core value added and the potential
  • Definition of the basic processes using the 80:20 principle
  • Functional prototype implementation
  • Complete process definition based on feedback
  • Agile adaptation/extension and extensive acceptance tests
  • Roll-out with feedback control
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