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True end-to-end as a result of continuous integrated Dynamic Process Automation

The LogObject holistic PPS approach to Service Production Planning enables continuous processes for an Integrated Service Factory.

Total Control for true End-to-End Workflow and Multi-Level Projects

Standard out-of-the-box solutions and Mobile apps only allow data distribution from limited ERP processes. LogObject solves core end-to-end requirements by logistics-driven business logic, using existing data structures that exist as a separate layer to completely control the operational service organisation.

This active control of the overall process enables the mapping of multi-stage projects as a requirement for efficient service management that integrates multiple service teams and sub-contractors. This depth of integration of support processes is a major advantage, allowing for the execution of complex projects and repetition of similar processes efficiently at high speed.

Integrated Service Factory

The result is a scalable solution, realising true end-to-end service management on the basis of consistent logistics and thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

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